Who should take IBQH Diploma in Quality Management?

The IBQH program is offered to postgraduate candidates regardless the gender, race, religion, national origin or disability. It targets all employees working in the field of healthcare including medical bachelor students, intern doctors, pharmacists, dentists, nursing school graduates, veterinary doctors, scientist, managers and paramedics. The first step in gaining the IBQH Diploma in Quality Management is to pass the IBQH professional MCQ exam which will test a broad range of basic knowledge associated with quality in healthcare. Students need to be able to pass this exam to show that they have the necessary background to demonstrate the required competence at Level 7. While there is no minimum education or experience needed for applying for the IBQH professional MCQ examination, as this is a postgraduate qualification it is most suited to those that are already educated to graduate level. Once the exam has been passed, the candidate is eligible to provide the coursework evidence needed for the Diploma. Those with graduate level qualifications and who work in a relevant position with management responsibility are more likely to be successful.