About TLM

The Learning Machine Ltd (TLM) is an Awarding Body Accredited by Ofqual, DELLS and CCEA, the regulators for qualifications in England Wales and Northern Ireland. TLM is endorsed by eskills.

The assessment details are based on the new UK Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) that is referenced to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF). It has the flexibility to link to nationally accredited frameworks, for example, the National Curriculum and GCSE
In the UK and more generally other national frameworks especially those referenced to the EQF.
The TLM’s Qualifications criteria are competence based, designed to enable self and peer assessment to support personalised quality management skills. Trained independent assessors accredited by TLM must verify the assessments before accredited awards can be made and the assessors have flexibility to tailor learning contexts to local and individual needs.

The Qualifications and Credit Framework was designed by the UK government Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency and referenced to the European Qualifications Framework devised by the European Union.

The Learning Machine Ltd is endorsed by The Open Source Consortium of companies, a group of businesses with Open Source at the heart of their work. This is how they describe themselves .The Open Source Consortium (OSC) is the trade body representing the Open Source business community in the UK.  Our aim is to help our members win more business and promote Free and Open Source Software in the UK.

Hundreds of learners have already been certificated in South Africa. Many would never have had the opportunity to achieve an accredited qualification.

Award winning UPSI is the biggest teacher training organisation in Malaysia. It has recently become a partner with TLM and will use TLM's qualifications for all its staff and then take the concept out into customers.

There are partners taking up TLM's qualifications in a number of countries including:
USA though the Center for Open Source in Education
Canada through partners Phoster

Romania through links with Forumul Cetatenesc pentru
Actiune Sociala si Educatie Civica With economies of scale

Development will be accelerated by EU projects that fund partners to enable them to achieve mass participation eg translating resources to their own languages

The TLM's project is co-funded by the EU Leonardo Da Vinci transfer of innovation programme. It aims to improve support for assessment for learning and reduce the cost of gaining formal certificates that are referenced to the European Qualifications Framework. Partners are from Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Spain and Germany.