Exam Result

Once you successfully complete the IBQH examination and announced “pass”, IBQH will issue your success certificate and a score report and mail it to you within 1 month from the end of the month of your test. e.g.: I have finished my test in July 17th 2010, so my success certificate should be mailed to me within August 2010.

The mail package that will be sent to you by IBQH will also contain IBQH identification card and an IBQH pin and you will be entitled to use the suffix IBQH after your name on all forms of correspondences; e.g.: Dr. (your name) MD, IBQH

Moreover, IBQH will list your name in the “Success List” that contains all candidates who successfully passed the IBQH examination and this list will be announced on the IBQH website.

You can request an extra IBQH pin (for 35$) and a duplicate of the score report (for 40$) within 90 days of the examination, and it will be mailed to you within 2 weeks of receiving your written request and for confidentiality purposes, no duplicates of the score report will be provided without written authorization signature of the candidate.
N.B: The request form is included at the end of the IBQH handbook.

If ever a candidate failed to pass the examination he/she can reapply (for unlimited times) for the exam; but, application and testing can only be once every 90 days. The name of the candidate who reapplies for the examination will remain confidential and will never be revealed unless it was legally requested.

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