Step-By-Step Online Scheduling Guide

Step 1: Create a web account

Before you can schedule your certification or licensure test appointment online, you must first create a web account with Pearson VUE for the testing program that sponsors the test you wish to take. (Create a web account now.) If you have already taken a test through Pearson VUE for this testing program, a customer service agent may have created a web account for you. In this case, please contact customer service before filling out the web account form to prevent creating a duplicate account.

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Please Note: If you have previously taken a test delivered by Pearson VUE, you may be able to add multiple testing programs to your account profile. (Most IT Certification testing programs allow this.) Simply sign in to your existing account and click on “Update Profile.” (Sign in to your web account now.) If the testing program allows, you will be presented with a list of all of the testing programs that can be added to your profile when you click on “Additional Information.” If the testing program that you wish to add is not included on this list, you must create a new web account for that particular testing program.

Add a Testing Program - Screen 1 Add a Testing Program - Screen 2
Add a Testing Program - Screen 3

Page 1: Enter your name, the country you live in and your email address.

Be sure to enter your legal name exactly as it appears on your personal identification. This will be used to verify your identity at the test center before you can sit for your test. Enter your email address and then confirm it. Your email address is crucial. If it doesn’t work, you won’t be able to book your test.

If you have taken a test in the past for this testing program, be sure to indicate your previous testing history and include your specific ID number (e.g., Cisco ID) so that your testing results can be merged with any other testing vendor. Some testing programs require this ID to be entered before you can proceed to the next page.

Create a Web Account - Screen 1

Page 2: Enter your demographic information.

The information displayed on this page (required fields, including state and ZIP/postal code, and the country code displayed for the telephone and fax numbers) is dependent on the country of residence you selected on the previous page. If you accidentally selected the wrong country, use the “Back Button” on your browser and select again. The following fields are required—

  • Address
  • City
  • State (depending on your country of residence)
  • ZIP/Postal Code (depending on your country of residence)
  • Telephone Number

The following fields are optional—

  • Address Type (home/work)
  • Company
  • Fax Number
  • Alternate Address
  • Opt-in to Pearson VUE email news/offers
Create a Web Account - Screen 2

Page 3: Answer the questions related to your testing program.

Many testing programs ask for extra information about you and/or your relationship to the testing program. Some of the questions asked on this screen may be required and are crucial for your testing program. Please Note: If your testing program does not have any questions, you will automatically skip over this page.

Create a Web Account - Screen 3

Page 4: Choose a username.

On this screen, you will need to choose a username for signing back in to your Pearson VUE Web account. Choose something memorable and/or make a note of it. You will need it when you schedule your exam appointment.

Create a Web Account - Screen 3

Please Note: If the Pearson VUE system finds a possible candidate match to the information you provided on the previous screens, your request will be forwarded to a Pearson VUE customer service agent and you will not be presented with this screen. If the Pearson VUE system finds an exact candidate match to the information you provided, you will be asked to request a new password.

Page 5: View the confirmation page.

On this page, you will see the final confirmation screen pictured below. This page tells you to expect an email shortly containing your password. In the case in which something was amiss about your registration (e.g., a web account already existed matching your details) you will instead see a screen telling you that your registration is being checked by a Pearson VUE agent before a password is issued. If we determine that this is a new account, you will be able to schedule your exam immediately.

Create a Web Account - Screen 5

Retrieve your confirmation email.

At this stage, assuming you gave a valid email address, you should expect your Pearson VUE account password by email. It should arrive within a very short time, and at the very latest within one working day. If it does not seem to have arrived please check your junk-mail or spam folder before contacting Pearson VUE. You are very likely to find the password message languishing there. If it really hasn’t arrived, please contact Pearson VUE.

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