What is IBQH?
The International Board for Quality in Healthcare IBQH is a professional certification testing basic quality knowledge in healthcare and providing the basic knowledge and skills of quality. It is designed to assist healthcare professionals to improve quality in healthcare services. IBQH as well provides terms for recertification which is necessary for updating and ensuring that quality of healthcare services delivered to the patients is Up to date.
IBQH is directed to ensure that every health care employee is capable of delivering health care services of higher quality by providing the needed basic knowledge of quality

Who should take IBQH?
The IBH program is offered to anyone regardless the age, gender, race, religion, national origin or disability. It targets all employees of all educational levels working in the field of Healthcare including Medical bachelor students, Intern doctors, GPS, Company doctors, Pharmacists, Dentists, Nursing school graduate , Veterinary doctors ,Managers and Paramedical.
There is no minimum education or experience needed for applying for the IBQH examination. All candidates will have equal chances to excel at their examination process.

Overview of IBQH exam
The IBQH certification exam is a multiple choice questions aiming to test the ability to recall specific facts and basic concepts in quality, test the ability to interpret information and put them into use for applying the basis of quality management in practice and testing the ability to assess problems, integrate information, solve these problems and apply solutions for implementing the concept of quality in the health care services. The content of the exam is current, related to practice and represent forms of tasks that have to be carried out by quality managers in any part of the world.

For certification each candidate has to pass the IBQH examination which is available in a computer based format at the assessment centers in more than 5000 centers all over the world.
Before you register for IBQH exam, you should read our handbook and frequently asked questions FAQ.

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