Is the IBQH Diploma in Quality Management a course?

The IBQH Diploma in Quality Management is NOT a course; it is a method of accrediting learning outcomes. Professional trainers can provide courses leading to IBQH accreditation with the flexibility to support their own training styles and individual learner needs. (Personalised learning) While there are examples and supporting materials available from the web site there is no intention to tell trainers how to teach. As long as the assessment criteria can be met, subject to the guidance provided in this book, that is the sole requirements. Any course supporting planning, execution and evaluation of tasks related to quality management at an appropriate level could be used effectively as a focus for assessment. This could be part of an existing course; there should be no need to make extensive changes to existing valid and well planned programmes of study. It is intended that evidence can be collected directly from the work place with verification from senior colleagues that the evidence genuinely reflects the competence of the candidate.