What is IBQH?
The acronym IBQH stands for The "International Board for Quality in Healthcare". It is a professional certification that tests basic knowledge about quality in healthcare.

What kind of test is it?
The IBQH certification exam is formed of 150Multiple Choice QuestionsMCQs(130 marked MCQs& 20 unmarked MCQs).

Where can I take the IBQH exam?
The IBQH exam is available through 5000 international test centers around the world that are operated by the renowned Pearson VUE company (Visit our official website: http://www.pearsonvue.com/IBQH/)

When can I take the IBQH exam?
IBQH exam is available allover the year, No examinations to be scheduled on national holidays. Examinations will be administered only by scheduling an appointment according to location of test center.

How do I register?
You can register through http://www.pearsonvue.com/IBQH/

How can I get more help?
If you arefacing any problem with registration,you can contact info@ibqh.org or testinginfo@pearson.com.

What are the fees for IBQH examination?
Examination fees are 200 $, that can be paid via credit card.

What are the fees for recertification?
Recertification fees are 150 $, Fees can be paid by credit card payment.

What does IBQH accept for continuing education?
IBQH welcomes any kind of continuing education related to the curriculum of IBQH.

What happens if I don’t recertify by the time my certification date expires?
You should take the IBQH exam again.

What are the eligibility requirements for the IBQH examination?
No eligibility requirements for the IBQH examination.

May I apply for the IBQH examination on-line?
Yes, you can apply through this webpage http://www.pearsonvue.com/IBQH/

Who can take the IBQH examinations?
Every healthcare employee can take the IBQH examinations (Physician, Dentist, Pharmacist, Nurse, Technician, Manager, etc...)

Why should I take this exam?
This exam is taken to ensure that you are capable of delivering healthcare services of higher quality by providing the needed basic knowledge of quality.

Is there a specific amount of experience required before one can apply for the exam?
There is no specific education or prior experience needed for applying for the IBQH examination.

How can I confirm my exam registration?
If you do not receive a confirmation letter that will be mailed to your E-mail account within 48 hours, please contact: testinginfo@pearson.com

Do I need to be a member of African Society for Quality in Healthcare ASQH to applyfor the exam?
No,ASQH provide all quality services for free to members and non-members

How do I schedule an appointment to take the exam?
You can schedule an appointment throughwww.pearsonvue.com/IBQH/

How do I locate a Test Center in my area?
IBQH is available in more than 5000 locations around the worldyou can locate the nearest test center through www.pearsonvue.com/IBQH/

How long is the validity of the certification?
Certification is valid for 2 years starting from the day that the candidates passes the examination.

How much time should I spend preparing for the exam?
It’s varies according to your experience and knowledge, you should read IBQH handbook and FAQ before registration.

Is there a way that I can become familiar with the computer-based testing software?
Before exam there are 15 minute tutorials to be familiar with exam

When is the last day to reschedule the exam appointment?
Rescheduling of examinations is possible up to 48 hours before booked appointment times

What should I do if I am told that there are no convenient seats available at the Test Center of my choice?
Exam appointments are given based on the seats availability of the test center of your choice ,so be sure to schedule your appointment as early as you can prior to the exam to ensure that you can test at your preferred test center. If you are unable to schedule an appointment at any of the test centers in your area, contact the IBQHthrough info@ibqh.orgfor further assistance.

Is there a particular start time when I should schedule my exam appointment?
No. Upon scheduling your appointment with Pearson Vue, you may be presented with the option of selecting your start time based on the seats availability of the test center of your choice.

What should I do if the names on my Confirmation Letter and ID do not match?
Please contact ASQH Immediately; you can request a new confirmation letter by sending an e-mail to info@ibqh.org providing the name that appears on your confirmation letter and the name that appears on your ID.

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