About ASQH

International Board for Quality in Healthcare IBQH is under supervision of African Society for Quality in Healthcare ASQH to certify anyone voluntarily participating in this program and improve his/her knowledge and skills in quality.

African Society for Quality in Healthcare ASQH is a non-profit, non-governmental service organization, headquartered in Cairo, Egypt, with a representation office in the USA and trying to improve quality in health care through improving quality & reducing errors in patient care.

We work to establish & support quality in health care & safety initiatives to the through:

  • Rising awareness
  • setting innovative strategies
  • training programs on the quality concepts & standards
  • implementation of established experience & knowledge
  • creating range network relationship around the world
  • partner with All levels of quality & healthcare (Doctors & physicians & nurses & all quality authorities)
  • To produce high impact results that serve their best interests & the community they serve
  • Enhance team work , partnership & multi sectional approach