Examination fees:
Examination fees are: 200 $ Fees can be paid by credit card payment.

Recertification fees:
Recertification fees are 150 $ Fees can be paid by credit card payment.

Test center locations:
We have more than 5000 test center worldwide; to locate a test center where you can take the exam, please click Here

IBQH Examination:
The IBQH certification exam is a multiple choice question MCQ that consists of 150 MCQs (130 marked MCQs & 20 unmarked MCQs).
MCQs are precisely designed to test different capabilities of the candidate; 27% of questions will test the ability to recall specific facts and basic concepts in quality, 46% of questions will test the ability to interpret information and put them into use for applying the basis of quality management in practice and 27% of questions will test the ability to assess problems, integrate information, solve these problems and apply solutions for implementing the concept of quality in the health care services. The content of the exam is current, related to practice and represent forms of tasks that have to be carried out by quality managers in any part of the world.

After successfully passing the IBQH examination, a recertification handbook will be handed over with the start of each recertification cycle for instructions and information on the recertification process.
Recertification requires obtaining and maintaining documentation of 36 credit hours over the 2 year eligibility period as well as the recertification fees. Continuous education should cover the most current areas in the examination content outline. The employment in quality management is not a necessary item for maintaining an active IBQH status. Continuous education requirements for recertification will be continuously reviewed by ASQH.